I’m a foodie

It is Sunday night over there (Monday morning here), so I thought I would post up some food pictures, for fun.

I had a great time yesterday hanging out with a friend from uni. We hit the spa for some relaxing time. I had a body scrub, and a hot stone massage. Again, it cost a lot less than what I paid in Canada, so I certainly spoiled myself. And the funny thing was, the owner didn’t allow tips for any of her staff. I was surprised.

We went to a night market after 2 hours spending at the spa. I bought a few fun things but they would need some demonstration pics, so I’ll save them for another post. I started to accept the fact that I won’t be able to find the price point I paid last time I was home (2 years ago), so I had to go with the flow. Didn’t shop as much as before, for sure, but I did get some stuff anyway.

We found a Thai restaurant nearby for dinner. The bf and I have a favorite Thai restaurant in Halifax, so I was curious to see how Thai food played out over here. It certainly embraced local taste, and didn’t taste the same. I expected that. The deco inside was pretty cool, even the chairs that we sat on, felt like we were sitting on a throne, lol.

This is Pad Thai at that place, prepared with vermicelli instead of the white wide noodle. The little net on top was a thin layer of fried eggs. Nice presentation huh?

The food was a bit oily but tasted fine. Not much on the veggie side which I didn’t like. The ingredients were mainly fried tofu and eggs. We didn’t touch the raw coleslaw on the side of the plate, as I didn’t think they went well together.

I wouldn’t order this dish again if we come back to the place.

This second dish, however, is delish! Green curried seafood and veggies. They had fried fish, shrimps, squids, green beans, eggplants, and Thai basil. Served with sticky rice, came in the little tube you saw on the left upper corner.

The sauce was so good, especially on top of the sticky rice. I could eat a whole bowl of rice with just the sauce and call it a meal, lol.

And we “polished” this plate clean, didn’t leave anything behind. For drinks, we had iced tea (loved the tea, it didn’t taste like the cheap tea version we had at regular restaurants), just so we didn’t confuse our tastebuds with too many flavours.

The desert was also great, but I forgot to take pics 🙂 Tapioca balls with water chesnuts inside, served in slightly sweetened coconut milk with ice. Soooo good! It was a good time overall.

Just while we are on food topic, this is the little treat that I have had quite often around here: Bubble tea.

I know I could find bubble tea in Canada, but it is more reasonably priced here for me to drink daily. I love the “pearls” (tapioca balls, the black little dots you see in the cup on the right) as they make the drink into a fun treasure hunt. I always try to stick the big straw on them and sucked, otherwise, I’d finish the tea before digging out all the pearls, lol.

The cup on the left is just pearl tea, the one on the right has milk added. The plastic lid was sealed on to avoid spilling, and we could just stick the straw through it to drink. The tea come in so many flavours (I picked taro this time), tastes a little sweeter than I wanted, but I was fine with that. Very good to cool down a hot day.

Hope you had a good weekend. I heard it was snowing at lots of places on that side of the globe, so you guys take care on the road.

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