I’m in a Royally Snarky State of Mind

AllyG: I’m so annoyed today. Can someone riddle me why every other province has placed caretakers of infants under six months old as priority for the H1N1 vaccine except N.S.? Yes, I’m sure there is a rationale answer, but lord help us if I come down with the illness and El Jeffe is left to look after BabyG on his own. He’s an amazing father, but you can only play “airplane” for so long before BabyG gets annoyed. I’ll save the vent for a more appropriate venue and instead pour verbal vomit over the outfit that Camilla chose to put on in St. John’s yesterday.



Even Chuck (no, not our dear Chuck) is like, “Girl, W.T.F.? Those boots look like kneesocks”. Cammy’s all, “I know. EFF OFF.” Shameful. Simply shameful.

On to one of our favourite subjects, that of Lady Gaga. Faithful reader, Martin sent this gem along…

So, so good.

In other news, it was kindly brought to our attention via a comment that we had used someone’s image on an early post (back in the days when we often forgot to source). Please know we mean no harm (except to Lilo…we will continue to make fun of her as she wastes away opportunity after opportunity), and all you have to do is gently ask us to remove the offensive image. No need for the below language:

“Hey you thieves.
you stole our image on how to tie scarfs.

take it off you slime shits”

C’mon Meryl (is that your real name? If so, totes sorry), “slime shits”…really? Throw us a bone. We’re totally new at this. For the rec? We didn’t like your image that much anyway.



L-A: Under normal circumstances, we would have apologized and then quietly taken down such a picture that belonged to someone else. Because that’s what we say we’ll do. But Meryl decided her only course of action was to be totes rude and call us ‘thieves’ and ’slime shits’ (not the most genius of insults). We did take the picture down, but not without letting all y’all know that not only do we enjoy a bit of hate mail (we don’t take it personally unless we actually know you), we also enjoy sharing said hate mail with the world. Thanks Meryl! You’re our first hate mail!

Moving on to the Duchess or whatever she is of where ever it is the queen said she could be Duchess of (after king/queen prince/princess, I can’t keep royal titles straight. Unless they want to give me a title. Then I will totally learn how they work).  Instead of Duchess, we can call her Your Royal Frumpiness.



If the British do one thing well (they do more than one thing well, but that’s besides the point), it is hats. There is hardly a country on this planet that has a better collection of hats. So what is up with the frumptacular fur piece?  (Also, as cold as it probably was in Brigus this morning, I don’t think the blanket was necessary). Then again, she did wear this hat to her wedding, so why am I surprised buy her hat choices this week?



I’ve seen better hats at a Coronation Street wedding and those ladies are not known for their keen fashion sense.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to compare Camilla to Diana – that would be unfair. I’m just saying if you’re married to the guy who is supposed to get to be King (unlikely, since his mom refuses to die), you could maybe try a little harder.  Let’s just take another look at that outfit from St. John’s (sorry there aren’t better pictures of her outfit. News photographers do not seem to be interested in pictures of what people are wearing…what is up with that?):



How hard is it to get a coat with a waist?  Even the PM’s wife Laureen – not known for being the most stylish at the first ladies lunches (at least she hasn’t been since Michelle and Carla joined in) – is doing it better.  Absolutely killing it is our GG Michaëlle Jean.  Cute detail on the skirt, but check out the jacket:



Even the lady behind her is admiring the outfit. I bet she nudged the Constabulary officer next to her as she sucked in her breath and said, “that jacket’s some nice on her isn’t it?”  That is the face the woman is making. The “some nice, isn’t it” face. Because that jacket is some nice. I don’t love the fabric, but it looks good on her. I like the tailoring and I especially love the cute little button at the top.  Looking good Michaëlle, looking good.  Unlike Duchess Frumpy.



Sheesh lady. Get a tailor. I know you can afford one.

Oh, and we totally forgot to wish Our Hero (my hero) Anna Wintour a happy birthday yesterday!



I feel as though birthdays are probably beneath her, but then again, everything (including this blog) is beneath Anna Wintour. And that’s kind of why I love her.  Also because she has a killer hair cut.  So Happy 60th Anna! You are fantastic!

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