Imagine Our Schools meeting

imagine-our-schoolsThe Halifax Regional School Board is engaged in a long-range school planning process known as Imagine Our Schools.

Phase Two of the process is nearing completion and involves all schools in the following families:

Charles P. Allen
Duncan MacMillan
Eastern Shore District
Halifax West
J.L. Ilsley
Musquodoboit Rural
Sir John A. Macdonald

Our schools are places that enable learning, places where young minds are inspired and futures are shaped. Yet, our school system faces real challenges including: declining enrollement, shifting populations, and aging infrastructure.

Your input will help determine how we can best meet the challenges before us, while ensuring the current and future educational needs of students are met.

Last spring, following the conclusion of Phase One, the Halifax Regional School Board put forward a number of recommendations as part of a 10-year Facilities Master Plan. Among them: Requests for new schools, school renovations, school consolidations, and the review of three schools for possible permanent closure.

Phase Two has reached the final stages. At the next community meetings the consultants will present their recommendations for the future configuration of schools in these families. There will be an opportunity for feedback. Please join us if you can. Children are welcome.

For the Charles P. Allen Family of Schools (Bedford schools) the meeting will take place on Thursday, May 14 at 7 p.m., at Halifax West High School.

For more information about Imagine Our Schools, visit the school board website at and click on the Imagine Our Schools link.


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