Independant Mercantile Opens, Michael’s Closes and more

The Independent Mercantile Co. opens on Gottingen today, this the gift and housewares store from the folks that brought you Biscuit.

Brilliant Boutique opened on Birmingham, Brilliant and its sister Room 152 on Portland St.

arefrom the former co-owner and manager of Crimson & Clover.


Krave Burger opened their doors and they have a tasty creamy Mac N Cheese

Frosting, a cake store, opened on Ochterloney not far from Sullivans Pond.

Another Spencer’s Gifts is close to opening in Halifax Shopping Centre.

Eats,Urban Lunch Counter which owner Richard Julien describes as “Think-a deli mashed with a bistro , hit with a food truck” opens on Baker Dr. Sept 15th.


That’s the end of Greek Village who a couple years ago moved out of their old space into the old Athens, just to move back to their cosy spot. It’s being replaced by Modern Shanghai

I posted the final results of my Big Day Downtown on its own site

Woody’s BBQ reopens Monday in Dartmouth Crossing under new franchise ownership. In the words of Jud Crandall in Stephen King’s Pet Semetary “Sometimes dead is better”

Gahan House is now open in Historic Properties, great to have that space active again.

The fate of Michael's Bar is now known

The fate of Michael’s Bar is now known

Quantum Frontier has successfully moved across the intersection on Robie, and yes the Tardis found the new co-ordinates.

and finally mark you calendars Saturday October 4th is City Harvest, Open City’s autumn sibling.

Premier Honours Sacrifices of Nova Scotia Soldiers in Hong Kong

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