Injured raccoon gets plenty of attention in Dartmouth


An injured raccoon, found laying in the middle of the road on Portland St with obvious signs of a front leg injury, is on the way to medical help thanks to Cst Quesnel and DNR.


HRP and Hope for Wildlife were both contacted by a concerned passerby who helped scoot the racoon to the side of the road. Keeping a safe barrier from the racoon, the road, and other curious onlookers, the crowd waited anxiously for a solution.


Cst Quesnel, upon arrival, saw the need to protect the terrified animal and began looking for solutions. Finding a clean green bin, and with the help of a backpack, the animal was scooted into the bin.


A two person DNR crew arrived on scene a short time later, and with the help pg Cst Quesnel they decided to immediately transport the hurt animal to the DNR Waverley office where a wildlife vet will tend to the animal.

DSC_1963_wmCst Quesnel was pleased that the animal’s injuries appeared to be less serious than believed and that the animal did not have to be put down as a result. 


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