Intern Eden wants a) your love b) your revenge c) all of the above

Intern Eden: I’m actually a Lady Gaga fan, is the thing.  I think she’s brilliant.  So I was THRILLED to discover that when I put on a blonde wig and giant shades, I actually bear a passing resemblance to her.

Little did I know that this would lead to me prancing around downtown Toronto without my pants on.

Ok, I’ll be honest here.  I wussed out a little.  I wore leggings under hotpants, which is a LOT more total pant than Gaga normally wears, but give me a little wiggle room here.  I didn’t want to actually get arrested, and also it’s kind of an unseasonably chilly May here in The Centre Of The Universe.

The outfit!  I did some research.  The first inspiring picture I came across is this one:


Does she not look like she’s wearing  a vacuum cleaner?  So I took apart an old one I found on the side of the road.

I wasn’t going to go completely pantless, but I was willing to do some sort of variation on the bodysuit.  Given Gaga’s fondness for monochrome and graphic prints:




I went with a black-and-white striped hotpants and t-shirt combo.  Think Lady Gaga as modernist French ingenue.  I added a wide elastic belt, because she tends to do the wasp-waist thing.

Throw in some boots with weird heels that I found at a garage sale, pale lipstick, wig, and shades, and you get this:

Ok so I didn’t use the vacuum hose.  I did carry it with me, artfully slung over my shoulder or less-artfully hung off of my purse.

I went about my day, doing everything I intended to get done on one of the rare days my daughter spends at daycare.  Getting dressed took so long that suddenly I realized I was late for my waxing appointment! So you get a shot of Gaga In A Cab:

The nice ladies at The Ten Spot were totally amused by my outfit and took a picture:

Yeah, yeah, I put a coat on.  It was COLD! And Lady Gaga totally wears trenchcoats.  And it doesn’t cover my bum.  Also, I tell you what, a brazilian is WAY less awkward when you’re dressed up like this.  I was like, I already look ridiculous, I’ll totally put my leg in that position. Whatever!

I ran some more errands after my wax, and then caught a streetcar home.

Lady Gaga waiting for the streetcar!  Doesn’t this look like a paparazzi shot?

By the time I got off the streetcar the damn boots were KILLING me, so I decided to catch a bus the last few blocks home.

Waiting for the bus:

Deciding the bus was taking too long, and walking instead.  It got warm and I took off the coat!  Also, I am listening to Lady Gaga in this shot, because I like self-reference:

After a few hours at home, making pizza and doing assorted other housework, I went to pick up my daughter.  Tragically, she was mid-tantrum when I arrived, so I didn’t get any pictures of Gaga Surrounded By Toddlers.

That’s all I’ve got.  It was a good day, and the outfit made me feel pretty awesome and ballsy, I’ve gotta say.  I got fewer weird stares than I expected, and one very sweet marriage proposal from a homeless man.

So I’ll leave you with this, which can only be described as a picture of Lady Gaga dressed up as me:



Ally: This post has sort of made my life. For real. It makes sense that Eden’s celebrity doppelganger would be Lady Gaga. Of  COURSE she would have a fun look-a-like. I have Diana Krall. Le sigh.


Back to Eden, there are so many amazing things about this post. I love that Eden talks about going for a brazilian like she’s heading out to pick up a carton of milk. This gives me some confidence to start throwing my waxing appointments into everyday conversation. Actually, I mostly converse with my eight month old, so that would be weird.

I also absolutely love the outfit. I mean, the outfit is incredible. It puts my Carrie Challenge to shame. I was basically wearing a snow suit in comparison.

I’ll let L-A score this challenge, because she so adores scoring things arbitrarily.  I won’t take that away from her.

We love Official Intern Eden. Hmmm….this gets me thinking that we need Official Intern Krista to step up her game in the challenge department. Perhaps wearing a cocktail dress to her 9-5 bureaucratic gig would suffice?

P.S. L-A, you better give her 1,000 points for picking up her daughter at daycare. I can only imagine the expressions on the daycare workers’ faces.

L-A: I’m sad that we didn’t see Gaga with toddlers. When Eden’s little girl gets older and hears about this, she is going to be a little bit embarrassed (because everyone is a little bit embarrassed of their parents) and a little bit annoyed that her tantrum ruined a fantastic photo op.

Let’s move on to the scores:

wussing out and wearing clothing that will keep you warm (tights/jacket): -2

wussing out on wearing a vacuum part with pride: -3 (I could barely see it in the photos!)

wearing a wig to go run errands: +1

wearing hotpants and hooker books to run errands (when it is cold outside): +5

picking up toddler dressed like that: +10 (I wanted to write “priceless”, because it totally is).

Total score: +11

I know Ally’s scoring would have put her in the +1000s, but I’ve told you before, I score like a French figure skating judge.  Also, I don’t have a kid, so I don’t understand the judgey looks you risk when you pick up your child dressed like an international pop sensation.

I also like the idea of getting Intern Krista to dress up. Partly because it takes the pressure off of me (I haven’t forgotten my challenge) and partly because I love a good throwdown.  How about getting Krista out looking like Betty Draper? A new season of Mad Men is starting soon, and I know she loves that show. I’ll accept Peggy or Joan, but Betty is so much more over the top.  If Mad Men isn’t her bag, I would also take a good Nancy Drew outfit.

Danuta Gleed Award