Interview: Michael Waters Surfboards


* was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to talk with Micheal Waters of Michael Waters Surfboards. He makes boards “of red cedar, white pine and mahogany. That have a hollow, rib and stringer construction. These boards are shorter but have the floatation of longer board.”
You can see the full selection of his boards at:

Mike started surfing at a young age and really got out to see the diversity of surfing at age 14 when he began his regular hitch-hiking missions to Malibu and spending a small lifetime in Hawaii. He has since relocated in Canada, Ontario to be exact, where he bring his long and broad experience into making custom canadian full wood boards. Here’s what Mike had to say to us:

SS: How long have you been making boards?
MW: I have been making for boards (wooden) for about 8 years ago ,when I lived in Kailua,Hawaii. I started making a few foam boards around the early years of hard down rails and flat speed bottom boards.

SS: When did you decide to develop it into a business?
MW: Jack Barth and Jamie Budge, (of Malibu) that era. In those days we saw a new board at the beach and went to the surf shop Hannifins bought a blank an shaped away. Not always pretty, but fun. At the time we wanted it all: fast paddling(thick center of board),short and easy and quick (hard rails) to turn and fast(flat bottom for the last two thirds of the tail).

SS: And after all his experience?
MW: I decided to make it a business about 3 years ago.

SS: How can a Eastern Canadian Surfer get a board made?
MW: To get a board made all you have to do is contact me and let me know a few things about your current boards you ride, what you like, what you don’t like and send me a deposit and I will keep you posted on the progress of the board.

SS: Is there a wait time if I order a board?
MW: The amount of time for construction of a board is about 6-8 weeks.
Since the boards are made from the inside out (frame,ribs and planks) the planning is much more detailed than foam shaping.

I'd like to try this on some east coast swell.

I’d like to try this on some east coast swell.

If you have any questions please post here and we will follow up or if you’d like more specific information please contact Mike Waters via his e-mail:

One final note: Mike expects to be producing eco-friendly wood boards in the near future for a price comparable to current foam non eco-friendly boards. Stay posted for the latest developments!

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