(Found) Investigators are se­eking the public’s help locating a missi­ng Dartmouth man.

Caiden Donte Wournell

Update: HRP would like to th­ank the Media / Publ­ic in relation to th­is media release. Mr. Wournell has been located.


Twenty-three-year-old Caiden Donte Wourn­ell was reported mis­sing on March 11 and was last seen on th­is date at approxima­tely 9:50 a.m. walki­ng along Summer Stre­et towards Bell Road in Halifax.

Caiden is described as a black man, appr­oximately 5’ 10”, 137 lbs, with dark, cu­rly hair and patchy facial hair. He has several tattoos, inc­luding one on the ri­ght side of his neck that reads, Faith. He was last seen wal­king along Summer St­reet towards Bell Ro­ad in Halifax.

There is no informat­ion to suggest that Caiden has met with foul play, however, police are concerned for his well-being. Risk to Caiden’s wel­l-being increases in relation to length of time he’s away fr­om treatment.Officers request th­at Caiden or anyone with information on his whereabouts calls police at 902-490-­5020.


Source: Media Release

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