Investing in Community Transportation for Bridgewater

Government is investing in Bridgewater’s fixed route bus transit pilot project to help ensure more people have access to affordable, accessible and reliable community transportation.

Justice Minister Mark Furey, on behalf of Communities, Culture and Heritage Minister Leo Glavine, announced today, Feb 26., an investment of $200,000.

“Access to reliable and affordable community transportation is critical to ensuring we have strong, connected and more vibrant communities,” said Mr. Furey. “This is especially important for older adults and citizens who rely on community transportation to help them remain in their homes, stay connected to their jobs, and provide them with better access to important services such as health.

“We are making it a priority to improve access to community transportation, especially in rural areas.”

Bridgewater launched its pilot project in September 2017 for a six-month trial period with the support of the Nova Scotia Transit Research Incentive Program.

“Extending this demonstration project will further build our residents’ financial and social assets by reducing transportation barriers that prevent the most vulnerable from fully participating in our community,” said Mayor David Mitchell.

“We are already hearing stories of how the transit system has resulted in the transformation of lives allowing residents to get and keep a new job, and participate in events in the community that were unreachable previously.”

Halifax Regional Municipality donated two Metro X buses for the demonstration project.

Improving access to community transportation is a cornerstone of government’s Poverty Reduction Blueprint and is identified as a priority in SHIFT – Nova Scotia’s Action Plan for an Aging Population.

As part of the Culture Action Plan’s mandate to strengthen communities, the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage is developing a plan to improve access to community transportation across the province with a focus on rural communities and older Nova Scotians.

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