Is your cottage safe for the winter?

Is your cottage safe for the winter? As cottage season comes to an end, Nova Scotians return to their homes with hopes that their cottage is safe and secure during the winter months.

The RCMP would like to remind cottage owners to take the necessary steps to prevent their cottages from becoming a target of a crime.

Many break and enters are committed as a crime of opportunity and often, criminals see a vacant cottage as an easy target. Some helpful tips for cottage owners are:

– Remove all valuables from your cottage or at least from plain view.

– Secure all windows and doors. Ensure they are locked.

– Close all curtains and drapes.

– Ensure that your cottage is visited on a regular basis.

– Consider forming a cottage watch program with other cottage owners and take turns checking on each other’s cottages throughout the winter.

– Provide your contact information to a friend or known acquaintance who resides in the area all year round and can update you should something occur.

– If possible, ensure adequate lighting is present. Consider using motion sensors or timers for outdoor lights.

– Ensure all out buildings (garage/shed) are secured.

– Don’t leave materials or items such as tools outside that could be used to assist in breaking into your cottage.

– Install an alarm system and provide the alarm company with a contact name and number of someone who lives nearby.

“We encourage cottage owners to take a walk around their property to identify any areas that could make it easy for a thief to break into the property. It could be a window with a broken lock, or a door not properly secured.” says Sgt. Brigdit Leger, “H” Division Media Relations Officer, RCMP. “The more secure you make your cottage, the more difficult you make it for criminals and less likely your cottage will be a property of interest.”

The RCMP and you; working together to keep our community safe.




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