It’s Friday – Good Friends & Good Food.

Evening bloggies.  The weekend is here.  It feels like the week breezed by, I don’t really remember too much about it because I was going 24/7.  It is an absolutely disgusting day here – windy beyond belief and rain rain rain.  The worst was getting to my car and having it be SO windy that I couldn’t actually get the door open and the rain was just pounding down on me.  Grrr.  I decided against going to yoga tonight so I’m home now, in my jammies and that’s all that matters.

Holly and Dean are over for the evening.  We had a wonderful Dinner and are now relaxing with a glass of vino.

Dean AKA Chef Dean has been busy participating in the Savour Food & Wine Show.  I had seen people tweeting about it and thought it would be a blast but tickets were pretty expensive.   Apparently it was a fun experience.   Maybe next year.

Anywho, for dinner we all sort of brought something to the table….

Although admittedly there wasn’t much effort on our part.  Dean supplied two left over marinated curried pork tenderloin. OMG.  Yum!! The flavour was amazing.

And our lack of effort – side of basmati rice with chives and a bit of butter. 

And some overcooked broccoli. Opps. :-p

I have a feeling there will be a few more of these over the course of the night.

IMG_1112 IMG_1095

Melanie and I decided to postpone our Saturday morning LSD until Sunday.  Whoot, there’s definite potential for this girl to sleep in tomorrow! 🙂 We have no other plans, which is nice.  Plus, hubby has been off all week on vacay so the majority of the house work is done! Yah!!


I got a really awesome delivery today from the lovely folks at HoneybarStay tuned for my review…. and you know that I’m gonna share some of these goodies with one with of you as well! 🙂

Let the weekend begin!

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