It’s More Than A Feeling…

Good afternoon bloggies!  We survived the night and I’ve just woken up.  Going to be an early night tonight.

Let me just start off by saying how incredibly touched I am with the overwhelming support shown from everyone in blogland/twitter.  Between the fundraiser auction and donations from family, friends and the online community, I raised $3,075.00. Our team just shy of $5,400 (with another large donation coming from HQ!) and the event, over $233,000.00!!!! WOW, that is a lot of money towards battling cancer.  When I heard the results this morning, I teared up.  Together, we really are making a difference.  I want to thank each and everyone of you who donated, RT’d my donation plea and left me an encouraging comment, message etc., I could not have done it with out you!!

I had some wonderful ladies walking with me last night. Lots of ♥ to Tash and Holly. 🙂


And, I wouldn’t have even been part of “Banking For The Cure,” without my amazing hubby. 

Our team made it to the bronze level with donations.  I felt so proud to be holding this sign. 

The accommodations were quite the upgrade from last year.  Being part of a corporate team has its advantages – better shelter & pizza delivery. 😉

A few of our luminaries.

There was a team with a “Don’t Stop Believing” sign.

IMG_5027 IMG_5022

The luminaries were so beautifully sad.  By 9pm or so they were actually sold out of candles.

We had a few visitors throughout the night including Tash’s hubby and a midnight coffee run from Jaime.    Thank you SO much, that XL got me through the rest of the event! Even if the inner coffee snob was screaming…haha, I actually drank two from Tim’s last night.;)  Blog gals!

A luminary lit for a very special lady who changed my life without ever knowing it.

So many candles burning in honour and in memory.  The lighting of the luminaries was the most emotional part of the evening.  We sat together on the grass, tears streaming down our face, hugging, questioning why?  Thinking of everyone we knew who lost their battle with cancer.

I enjoyed a solo 40 minute walk around 3am.  Put some mellow tunes on the iPod and just took the whole evening in. Was a very powerful walk. 

When the sun started to rise around 430am, we slowly cleaned up our site and took advantage of more coffee.  I also had a croissant and banana that were out of this world! ;)  By 6am we were walking the final lap to the tune of “Eye Of A Tiger,” same as last year. Then there were the closing ceremonies. So many people, who did SO much to make this event a success.

I’d like to thank the organizers.  The event was very well planned – lots of free, healthy food available throughout the night, clean toilets & washing stations, great entertainment and security.  They did an amazing job!

There you have it, my 2010 Relay Recap.


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