The Start Of Our Garden

My first veggie garden is now officially in progress.  I’m pretty excited!  Yesterday after I woke up, I spent some time at our local garden centre.  I didn’t order my seeds as I originally planned so I had to go with what was available.

IMG_5108 IMG_5099

As you can see, I made out just fine. Green peppers transplants.

IMG_5106 IMG_5101

Beans – green & yellow, Peas – snowpea snowflake & little marvel.

IMG_5118 IMG_5119

Squash – sweet mama & acorn, Cucumber and Pumpkin (Pie not jack o’ lantern.) Also, 3 greens – Spinach, Romaine Lettuce & Buttercrunch Lettuce.

IMG_5121 IMG_5122

Along with Carrots, Green Onions & Sugar Baby Watermelon.

This is the layout of the garden. Obviously it’s not to-scale but you get the general idea.

It has been fairly rainy the past week which has caused issues with actually getting the garden in.  This morning it stopped long enough so that I was able to get out and get the manure spread out and mixed with the soil. 

IMG_5148  IMG_5130

Had a little help with those heavy bags. 😉

Gardening is hard work!  I had Mr. Polar on and in 40 mins burnt approx. 300 calories. Sweet!

But I’m really enjoying it already.   It’s nice to be outside and working on a project.  The bugs got pretty bad though.

Since the soil was really wet I wasn’t able to make my rows yet.  I’m hoping that with the sunshine we’re supposed to be getting this week that I’ll be able to get them finished over the new few nights.
Here’s a shot of the rock wall err, well it’s not really a wall but it should do the trick. 😉
IMG_5149 IMG_5150

Looking forward to getting it all planted and then (hopefully) having fresh veggies all Summer.  Do any of you have veggie gardens?  What have you had the most success with?


The weekend’s over already.  It’s been a pretty productive one for me and I’m already wishing that I’d taken Monday off.  My body is still out of whack from staying up all Friday night.  Eating has finally adjusted though.  I’m OP, tracking and feeling great.   Looking forward to my WI on Tuesday morning.

Overall we took it easy today, did that bit of gardening, some graphic work and then caught an early showing of Sex and the City 2 – which I loved.  Thought it was fabulous and over-the-top is what its all about!  Didn’t really feel like a movie though, more like a short season.  I hope they do another one.

Alright, I’m out – Night Bloggies!

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