It’s September Issue time (and why is SJP still on magazine covers?)

L-A: The lovely Guest Blogger Jo has written us some guest posts as she gets ready for Fall. I still maintain Carrie Bradshaw looked mostly like a bag lady, so I’m tickled that Jo is coming over to my side. She’s not there yet, but I’ll take what I can get.

Jo: Fall.

There, I said it.

Let me just rip that Band-Aid right off: fall, fall, fall, fall, FALL!

I realize that many of us are still waiting for summer to begin. Some of you may not have even taken summer vacation yet. Or maybe you’re just getting back. Either way, you don’t want to hear me, yap on about FALL.  Listen, I’m all about summer lovin’. I am facing the end of a glorious year away from work hanging with my little dude. No more horrible guest blogger for me; it’s back to being a mediocre contributor!

PLEASE KEEP READING (I promise it might will be worth it)

Fall means I am giddy with anticipation about September VOGUE, but I actually started thinking about fall with the purchase of August VOGUE, and a prompt e-mail to L-A and Ally stating the following:

I was excited to pick up the VOGUE age issue, but almost threw up to see SJP on ANOTHER cover. Even I am getting sick of her! Maybe I can write about that! Recovering Carrie addiction. And then I threw up a little more when I read the entire article, in which SJP talks about “doing it all” and being “hands-on parents”…with the help of a nanny for the twins and someone to help with “logistics” with James Wilkie. SERIOUSLY?

If I hear one more celebrity talk about “doing it all”, I might spit up all over myself.

You may recall a certain Carrie Bradshaw face-off L-A and I undertook awhile ago.

Now, let’s be clear. I stand by every word. In SATC (the TV series, NOT the movies…especially not #2…gawd), Carrie Bradshaw was a fashion icon. Aaand, SJP usually looks pretty great on the red carpet:


Ok…that’s not a red carpet. It’s green grass. But it was (gasp), the best I could find!

Oh wait, here’s a cute use of Fashion’s Night Out tee:


But I forgot about this:


See? I AM falling out of love.

No wait. LOVE this, at the Harry Potter premiere with super cute son. Why, oh WHY, can I not be this kind of impossibly chic Mom…


Oh, and this Elie Saab Fall 2011 stunner from Cannes that I somehow missed.


But if someone could explain this to me, that would be great. (Did I miss something? When did one-can-of-hairspray-a-day hair come back??)


Besides, she has been on the cover of VOGUE six times since 2002. SIX. Share the love, people. I am so over it. And OMG. I just found out she will be on the cover of September Marie Claire. fffttt…

SATC last aired in 2004!  That’s, like, SEVEN years ago. The first movie hit theatres in 2008! And let’s face it, #2 isn’t even worth the effort to type out. I guess she’s got a movie coming out, and she talks about “doing it all”, but, lady hasn’t really done anything on the big screen worth mentioning. (OK, so I sort of liked The Family Stone, but it had little to do with her, and I will NEVER admit it that I actually liked it).

Side bar: whatever happened to Claire Danes???

OMG remember My So-Called Life? Brokedown Palace??

Have I really rambled on about SJP this entire time? I would still love to meet her and hang out, but I’m done seeing her on the cover of everything.


What was I saying? Fall is coming, and so is September VOGUE!!!!! I am checking newsstands like a crazy person. That’s all I have to say about that. I wonder what it will bring. I am dying to see it, hold it, caress it. Yes, I am talking about a magazine. I need to get out more. LOTS more.


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