It’s the Most Magical Time of the Year: Coachella 2011

Ally: I adore Sienna Miller’s style. I want to be Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s publicist. I would wear nothing but Winter Kate and House of Harlow for an entire year.

Of course I live for Coachella fashion.


I have been searching everywhere for a pair of books like Nicole’s above. Am now convinced I also need a pair of oversized round sunnies.


You know, I feel as though L-A would argue that many of the styles coming out of Coachella could be likened to the wardrobe of one Carrie Bradshaw. Meaning, you might like the fashion, but you would never be caught dead wearing it in Halifax. I would actually wear the outfit Alessandra wears above. I may not achieve the supermodel result, but I would go down trying.

Source (LOVE this blog. Some more great pics of Coachella fashion can be found there)

Oh, Hello. Is that a tutu-jean skirt? My 21 year old self would have loved that. My 32 year old self cries in jealously.


Ok – this is from 2010, but I think L-A would agree that the saddle shoes can stick around for the rest of 2011. In fact, I could see my co-blogger in crime wearing this very outfit whilst parading the streets of sunny California (as she does each year around Christmas time).

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Supplements Nursing Home Style

Safely Fallen