#ItsAnAdmiralThing: Insurance provider rolls out the red carpet for valued Haligonian employees

By Simon Smith


The Halifax division of Admiral, a UK-based insurance company, held its annual staff Awards Gala on Saturday night at the Halifax Convention Centre.

A night of glitz, glam, and… free cash?

Admiral employs over 400 Haligonians at its Mumford Road office, most of whom attended Saturday’s festivities dressed to the nines – some even rolled up in limousines.Sparing no expense,admiral1 Admiral decked out the venue to resemble a swanky film premiere, red carpet and all. Several departmental awards were presented to Admiral’s top achievers in recognition of their success and hard work.

If that wasn’t enough, a fortunate few got the chance to visit the Cash Cube. For 15 seconds each, the lucky Admiralites snatched at the air to grab as many bills as possible. One by one, they walked off stage with handfuls of cash – one individual even came away with a $500 gift card to Best Buy!

Walking the walk

The Awards Gala is one of many events Admiral hosts for its staff. The company also organizes summer parties, movie mornings and more. But according to Admiral’s employees, this isn’t why they stay.

While the events are certainly appreciated, Katelyn Mitchell (Customer Loyalty) argues that Admiral’s unwavering employee support is the company’s forte:

“Honestly, it’s been fantastic,” said Mitchell. “I’ve set a lot of goals for myself, accomplished a lot of them and have been given a lot of support to do so. (Admiral is) a great place to develop as well. I find there’s a lot of opportunity to just continue growing.”

Others credit Admiral’s strong corporate culture for their success and job satisfaction.

“As soon as I walked in the office, everybody was so happy and I was like, ‘Yep, this is where I belong,’” said Ashlee Fukala (Customer Loyalty). “Everybody just seemed like they wanted to be there.”

Justin Brown (New Business) commented on his ability to maintain work-life balance while employed at Admiral, remarking, “Admiral definitely provides that at the end of the day. I’m home with my kids and I don’t worry about work until I’m actually there the next day.”

So why do they do it? Why does one of the UK’s largest insurance companies invest so much time, money and effort into the well-being and satisfaction of its employees?

People who like what they do…

It all boils down to Admiral’s core philosophy: People who like what they do, do it better.

This simple phrase has guided Admiral’s approach to human resources, and is surely responsible for its sparkling customer satisfaction ratings. Charlotte Donaldson (Customer Support) offered her take on the philosophy:

“If you’re looking for a company that will put as much work into you as you’re going to put into them to help you reach your goals, then Admiral’s the place for you.”

It’s no secret that happy employees perform well. But keeping them happy can be a challenge – a challenge to which Admiral has risen. From amazing staff parties to outstanding employee benefits and bonuses, the company has managed to grow exponentially while taking care of its most important resource – its people.

If you’re on the job hunt and looking for a company that cares as much about you as it does its bottom line, look no further than Admiral. You can apply through the Vacancies Page on the company site.

“Work hard, play hard.”

  • Benjamin Chute (New Business)

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