The Best Wines For Beginners

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Delving in the world of wine can be, for the most part, perplexing and puzzling. For most people, wine is, more often than not, inexperienced palates and acquired taste might need to begin with lighter-bodied wines to learn and understand to appreciate the different flavors in the wines before going forward.

Thankfully, some wines are, believe it or not, excellent break-in wines that can kick-start a lasting and long-term appreciation of this fantastic beverage. When you start out in the world of wine, keep in mind that there is not one kind of wine that every beginner will appreciate.

Furthermore, there are a lot of delicious wines for the starting wine enthusiasts to give, for the most part, a try before tasting more serious or more substantial wines. A lot of factors influence the happiness and delight beginners to take in wine. For a little help, here are some of the best wines for the budding wine enthusiasts.

Factors Affecting the Beginners

There are mainly four factors that influence the pleasure beginners to take in drinking wine. These factors are; sweetness, aromatics, viscosity, and taste.


A lot of budding wine enthusiasts prefer or like wines with more sweetness compared to some dry wines. However, this statement does not mean that the wine must be extremely sweet or sugary sweet; it just needs to be not too dry that it makes your mouth scrunch up.

Winemakers produce wines in an extensive range of sweetness that highly relies on residual sugar, varietal, when the berries are, for the most part, harvested, types of grapes used, and alcohol content. Sweetness varies from white wines and dry red wines such as Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon to very sweet dessert wines such as Port. For budding wine lovers, an ideal entree into wines is off-dry wines like Pinot Noir, Moscato d’Asti, and Alvear Pedro Ximenez Solera.


Whether you care or you don’t care about the wine’s aromatics, it relies upon how much you would want to learn into the world of wine. If you’re trying to become a wine expert, then you need to understand and know how to distinguish and characterize the low-key aromatic notes in any kind of wine.

On the other hand, if you just want to learn more about what you are consuming or drinking, then the basics will suffice. The aromatic notes of wine rely on various factors such as how the wine is aged, the terrior, and the grapes.


Have you ever heard someone saying or referring to the mouthfeel of a wine? If so, then they mean or refer to the body or viscosity of the wine. Simply speaking, the lightness or heaviness of the wine in your mouth. Budding wine enthusiasts tend to appreciate wines that are light-bodied on the palate.


All wine is, at its bare minimum, fermented grape juice. What gives it its flavor characteristics, aroma and body depend on how the wine is aged, the technique of the vintner, and the blend of grapes. Budding wine lovers typically stick with less complex, simple wines that will not overwhelm their taste buds.

Best Wines For Beginners

When it comes to determining which is best, it all boils down to the personal taste and preference of the person. But if you are wondering what the most excellent wine to choose is, here are some of the wines that you should try.

Rose Wine

Rose wines are, for the most part, produced when the skins of the red grapes are left submerged with the wine for a short period. Thus, adding a pop of color to be integrated but not as extreme as for red wines. This kind of wine has skyrocketed in popularity over the years because of its ease of pairing and pleasant to drink. Moreover, the flavors can range from melon to citrus to strawberry.

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is soft and fruity, and is much lighter than Malbec and Merlot, making it a crowd favorite for people who prefer red wines. Relying upon where it is produced, the flavors in a Pinot Noir can range from spicy horseradish to earthy mushrooms to the dark fruit.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is, more often than not, the most prominent red wine today, with flavors of black pepper, black currant, and anise. It is grown in nearly all wine-producing region in the whole world. Cabernet Sauvignon is best paired with red meat, lamb, and burgers.


If you are new to the wine world, then it can be a little bewildering at first. But you will, for sure, get through that stage. For budding wine lovers out there, keep in mind that there is not one kind of wine that you will appreciate. Thus, you need to experiment and explore to ultimately find that wine that suits your taste.

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