I’ve lost my camera.

Canada has been awesome.  I’m back in Halifax right now and on the final days of my stay here.  The sun is shining. The birds are singing.  My sleep pattern has *finally* settled into a normal routine.  Now, instead of jet-lag rousing me at ungodly hours, the only time I wake up at 4:30 in the morning is after a night of drinking too much rum.  When my bladder is screaming for a trip to the loo, while my body simultaneously claws for re-hydration.  Whilst the bladder is the most immediate concern, once it’s taken care of, the dehydration is what actually keeps me awake.  Honestly, the more I drink the more I realise I need to stop drinking.  Thank god the holiday is almost over.  I think it might kill me.

Unfortunately it hasn’t all been wild nights: The Canadian Chamber Choir recording went amazingly well.  Hey, what do you call recordings these days anyway? Can I say album?  Is CD too dated?  I have no idea… the release of the digitally recorded reproduction will be in May 2010.  I’m really looking forward to it.  Besides that, the weather finally lifted in Gretna and I got to see that Manitoba does indeed get the sun, just like other parts of the world.  And I’m telling you, the flat land and huge sky is pretty incredible.  SO beautiful.  I have also become rather unhealthily obsessed with Mennonite culture after spending the week at the Mennonite Collegiate Institute.  Why the heck was I THERE?  Well, the MCI has a gorgeous theatre called Buhler Hall in which we did the recording.  Awesome.  I would show you the many photos I took but unfortunately I have lost my camera. *sob* It’s somewhere in the wilds of Manitoba.  It might be in the MCI.  Or in someone’s car… or… or… aw, heck, wherever it is, IT’S NOT WITH ME.  It’s lost.  It’s gone.  I’m sad.  Boo.

Haligonia Sports Postponed Until Aug.21..Mike Vick is back.

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