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January 16, 2003.....and how I started blogging..

January 16, 2003…..and how I started blogging..

Thanks to the jurors who have shortlisted me in two categories for the 2012 Canadian Weblog Awards!  Always exciting. Click the link to see all the categories and visit the top 5 blogs in each. Lots of great blogs to visit.
Hard to believe but I’ve been blogging for 9 years. I started on LiveJournal because of an old school friend I ran into one day on the boardwalk in Halifax. She was a photographer and we were catching up on news etc. when she gave me her card and said this is the address to my blog. Blog??? I had never heard of such a thing. It fascinated me and I remember thinking how brave of her to post things that “anyone” could read. I started reading and became hooked. I soon found other blogs of people in Halifax and then Nova Scotia and then all over the world!
January of 2003 I decided to dip my toes into the blogging pool. I’ve never looked back:)
Here is the entry I wrote on January 16th 2003.
” I took a break from jotting things down. Actually, I forgot I had this blog and then when I remembered, I got all self conscious, wondering what on earth am I doing with a blog? It is fun to browse other people’s bits and pieces and see what sorts of things make them happy, upset and generally tick. We are all so similar really. I was started to feel like a lurker/voyeur just reading blogs so voila, here is mine! I am bumbling along.
These journals I read belong to people I don’t know. They are so far reaching you can read the thoughts of someone in Australia one minute, and then be off to Alaska and then Italy the next and yet, they are all here and now on our little screens in our own little worlds……magic really.
We are up to our necks in snow. It is -10 degrees outside.Woke up to -25 with the wind chill factored in! Needless to say, I am not venturing very far today. At least it is sunny outside. I do feel sorry for our dog, she really has not been getting much exercise these chilly days. We can grow fat together.”
I was thrilled and excited by the world of blogging and still am. It helped promote my art to a wider audience, I got to indulge in writing which I love, and photography, and some of those strangers I read from far away have now become my friends! It really is an amazing phenomenon. I love that those of you who visit me comment sometimes, I love that I can share my world and thoughts here with everyone who happens by…  How did you start blogging?
January 16, 2003.....and how I started blogging..

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