Je’Marie pursehook

I am not a huge purse/ handbag person, but I do appreciate a cute bag when I see or own one. It really bugs me when I have to put my purse down to free my hand to do something else. I guess lots of you could relate to that.

Then this little cute gadget arrived in my life and save my soul (and purse, lol). If you say it’s a bracelet, you’re right. But it’s more than that! It’s a FUMI.

The FUMI PurseHook (Fashionable, Unique, Multipurpose, Innovation) is the love child at Je’Marie PurseHook & Accessories, created by the Shamlians sisters, to answer the call for help for stylish and clean-looking handbags 🙂

Yes, FUMI is a sturdy pursehook when the hinge opens up, but it is also a purse accessory or a bangle bracelet when closed. It comes in different prints/ colours, is eco-friendly (made from recycled materials), has scratch resistant coating and a rubber pad in the inside to prevent slipping. In all, the FUMI keeps your handbag off the floor with style! Genious, I tell ya!

FUMI has gained quite an appearance in Canada this year after becoming one of Top 10 Product Award Winners from the Canadian Gift & Tableware Association (CGTA) .

This is the Glamorous! Cheetah print and gold trim, so me! And this is how I use it.

As shown in the picture, my wrist was a little small to wear my Glamorous as a bracelet. I would love to have it in a smaller size, but I don’t know whether that would affect its physical function as a hook.

Nevertheless, the “Cheetah” has been working so well for me, and now rests nicely at the end of my purse handle all the time while not in use. No more excuse to put your purse on the ground! My purse is happy and so am I.

Feel free to check out the website for more FUMI designs. They also have the regular Je’Marie pursehook lines on there with lots of fun colours.

Note: I was sent this product for review, but I am committed to giving my honest opinions on this blog. And that would never change.

Photo credit: kaytethinks from Flickr

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