I’m still sick in some form or another TBD.  I should have kept my trap shut the other night when I thought that maybe I was going to wake up feeling better!

I managed to get into the doctor yesterday and she sent me for some bloodwork to check on my liver and kidney function and to check for bacteria, and if anything shows up in that department, she is going to call me next week and get me some antibiotics.  Given that I was out for a meal the night before I started feeling sick, she’s also checking for Hepatitis A which can easily be contracted from unwashed vegetables.  She otherwise thinks it could be a virus or Gastritis.  She prescribed some Zantac in the meantime.

My belly feels awful!  I have a feeling that it is not going to be feeling better in time for xmas.  Not much I can do about it and I am just going to remain thankful that everyone else in my family is healthy this Christmas.

She also confirmed her suspicions from last summer when I had an ultrasound that I do have Polycystic Ovaries (I hadn’t been back to her for the results).  She said that they don’t exactly fully understand what causes it, but they do know that there is an link between that and obesity and insulin resistance.  In fact, in some cases, they prescribe Metformin (diabetic medication) to people with PCOS and it is effective in regulating their cycles even though they don’t really know why!  It also explains my constant battle with adult acne over the last few years too.  And now that I read more about it, maybe why I was feeling so blue last week?  At this point there’s nothing to do about about and it’s not serious, so I am thankful for that.

It’s interesting about the link to obesity because I already know of a few people who also have PCOS who were also obese at one time.  I was watching the “Where are they know” episode of the Biggest Loser and one of their contestants also had it (can’t think of her name), and emphasized why every pound lost was so important for her to start her family.

On a positive note, I told my doctor about my plans to run the Half in May.  Then she tells me that she ran it last year!  She was very excited and supportive of me and was giving me a few tips.  She said that any race ran in Halifax is tough because our city IS a hill!  I love that my doctor runs!

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