John Tanner v. Alumitech Distribution Centre Ltd. Decision

A decision by an independent Nova Scotia human rights board of inquiry has found that Alumitech Distribution Centre Ltd., of Bedford, discriminated against a former employee based on his disability when the company failed to provide accommodation.

John Tanner claimed that he had been discriminated against when fired from his position.

In her decision, posted online today, March 31, board chair Gail Gatchalian found that Alumitech had not discriminated against Mr. Tanner when he was dismissed, but had discriminated against him when it failed to provide adequate accommodation during his employment.

At the appointment stage of the inquiry all parties had consented to proceed with a restorative board of inquiry to better understand, reflect upon, and gain insight into what happened, and accept any responsibility for harms they may have created.

Ms. Gatchalian awarded Mr. Tanner $2,500 in general damages which is to be paid by Alumitech within 60 days.

The full decision is online at .

Source: Release

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