Join EU4RIK and help Laura beat MLD

eu4rikThree years ago, Laura Osborne was a typical Bedford teenager, wondering how she was going to fit in all the activities of a normal sixteen-year old girl; schoolwork, part time job, family, friends and travel.

She loved life.

All of that changed the following summer. Laura developed adult-onset metachromatic leukodystrophy (MLD).

Now, Laura’s ability to walk has declined to the point where she is completely dependent upon a walker for support and will soon be confined to a wheelchair.

Her cognitive functioning continues to deteriorate with significant memory loss and mental deterioration.

Daily activities require support on a regular basis. Laura is unable to work or attend school and spends much of her time working with holistic healers in hopes of finding something that will allow her to combat this disease.

There is neither a cure for MLD, nor a standard form of treatment and is therefore a terminal illness.

Future treatment options currently being investigated are expensive and are not covered by provincial or private health care plans

Laura is an amazing young woman, and although this disorder has affected much of her daily life, she has a remarkably optimistic outlook on life. Everyone comments on the special aura that Laura carries with her wherever she goes.

“The most difficult tests are given only to the most gifted of Souls”

On June 20th, The EU4RIK Party Band will graciously donate their time and talent to host an incredible fundraiser with Live Music, DJ, dancing and lots of fun, including a silent auction and a cash bar with all proceeds going towards Laura’s future expenses and medical care.

Tickets are $20 each. Party starts at 8pm at Basinview Drive Community School !!!

For Corporate Sponsorship, Donations or Advance tickets:

Contact: Lynn Murray at 497-5966 or Gregory Carter at 222-3857.

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