JUSTICE–Restitution Payments Now Online

Nova Scotians ordered by the courts to make restitution payments now have the option of paying online.

“This is part of a continued effort by government to remove barriers and make more services available online,” said Justice Minister and Attorney General Mark Furey. “Online payments speed up processing times and that is important to the victims of crime who will benefit.”

Like online payments for speeding and other summary offence tickets, the online option for restitution payments will be available around the clock and processed immediately. Until now, payments were only accepted at the courthouse.

Close to 1,200 restitution payments were made at the courts last year. In 2018, more than $411,000 in restitution fees were collected with the proceeds going to the victims of crime.

For more information, or to make a restitution payment, visit:
https://novascotia.ca/sns/services/restitution-payments.asp .


Source : Media Release

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