Kelsey’s Blog – Week One


Kelsey Holt is a resident of the Prospect Road, who has embarked on a Humanitarian Trip to Poland, to grant the wishes of terminally ill and underprivileged children. The website will be featuring weekly blog entries written by Kelsey, so that the people who offered her such great support will see an idea that they helped to make a reality!


Day 1 It was a great flight to Berlin – we arrived at 8am, all of us very tired but excited. We’re here for 2 days before we head to Poland to begin our work – we have 14 terminally-ill children to visit and about 15 more who we will see in hospital. Karolina, our Polish chaperone, met us at Berlin airport with a big welcoming smile. We took the bus to our hotel and then walked everywhere, visiting the Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, Check-Point Charlie, Friedrichstrasse – and the educational but very emotional Holocaust Memorial and Museum. It’s a great city.

Day 2 This morning, after a great night’s sleep, we had a picnic breakfast overlooking the river and then we walked to the Berlin history museum discovering new areas of the city along the way. The museum was really interesting and we learned so much about German and European history and then we went to another exhibition about the Nazi regime and its terror.

In the afternoon we strolled along the river to the train station where we stopped for delicious fresh sandwiches and then we caught the train to Tiergarten to walk through the park. We saw the historical Victory Column which was stunning and at the end of our walk we came across a seven seater bike which we all jumped on to ride back and it was hilarious. A tasty late supper at our new favourite spot, Don Giovanni’s, ended an excellent day. Tomorrow we have to be up just after 5am to walk to the station to catch our train to Warsaw, Poland, where our work will begin.

Gute Nacht von Berlin



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