Kiehl’s skin care products

Near the end of June, I had the privilege of a tour of Kiehl’s first Halifax store at Halifax Shopping Centre and a one-on-one consultation with the expert. It is time to tell you about my customized skin care routine.

Note: Since a few items I received were sample sized, I do not have complete ingredient lists other than the main ingredients listed on the brand’s website.

A good start of the routine is a cleanser for my acne-proned skin: Blue Herbal gel cleanser.

Being oil free with 1.5% salicylic acid, this cleanser lathers and cleanses the skin well without drying it.

It does take a bit more time to rinse and feels slightly cooling after, but the effect does not last long. There is a hint of herbal scent in the air for a quick second upon application.

Main ingredients: Cinnamon Bark extract (soothing with antibacterial properties) and Ginger Root extract (also soothing, helps absorb excess oil).

I wouldn’t say the cleanser cures my acne or anything but it does the job without irritating the skin and I need the salicylic acid action, so I am glad to have it. The bottle is 8.4oz/ 250ml, retails $32.

The Ultra facial oil-free toner is a good next step after cleansing.

The expert told me toners are essential to prep the skin and help the serum/ moisturizer absorb better, so I have been more diligent in the last few months, especially with oil and alcohol free formulas like this one. This toner is also pH balanced, paraben/ fragrance/ colorant free, it feels like water on.

The full size of 8.4oz/ 250ml is $23. This 1.4oz/ 40ml sample bottle last me more than 2 months with daily use. I recommend this toner if you are looking for a safe one.

On to my favorite part of a skin care routine: the serums. The Hydro-plumping re-texturizing serum concentrate (top) is meant to give new life to dull, tired skin, which we probably all have.

With main ingredients like Plant-based glycerin (derived from palm fruit, rapeseed, coconut to enhance the water-holding capacity of the skin and help skin elasticity) and Shiso leaf extract (prevents degradation of the hyaluronic acid that naturally occurs in skin), it provides an extra push to your moisturizer.

Upon using up the 5ml tube of sample, I enjoyed it but thought I needed for time with it as I could not notice much of a plumping effect. The serum is available in 1.7oz/ 50ml size for $62, and 2.5oz/ 75ml for $80.

The Clearly Corrective dark spot solution (bottom) is described as a fast acting serum that diminishes dark spots and visibly evens skin tone.

I like how the main ingredients sound:
– Activated C and Peony extract: work together to penetrate quickly to attack deep-set dark spots and prevents the formation of new discolouration
– White Birch extract (sugar derivative): restores hydration and nutrients to the dermis and epidermis layers of skin.

Also thoroughly enjoy using the 4ml bottle with a dropper but again, dark spots would take longer than the 2-month time I had. Available in 3 sizes – 1oz/ 30ml $59, 1.7oz/ 50ml $80 and 3.4oz/ 100ml $143, silicone/ optical diffuser/ paraben/ fragrance free.

The Ultra facial oil-free lotion falls right into place for some moisturizing action.

I might repeat myself here but the lotion also feels almost like water. It is lightweight, non greasy, absorbs quickly and keeps the skin moisturized for a good long while. No side effects.

Main ingredients:
– Antarcticine (Glacial Glycoprotein extract): helps hydrate skin, shields skin from free radicals and cold temperatures
– Imperata Cylindrica (Desert plan extract): with high concentrations of potassium which provides lasting hydrating effect, helps skin to store and retain moisture efficiently even in the driest weather conditions
– Vitamin E: soothes, helps neutralizing free radicals.

Also paraben/ fragrance/ colorant free, the lotion is 4.2oz/ 125ml, $36. I can’t wait to see how it performs in the winter months.

And now something that sounds and looks good enough to eat: the Creamy eye treatment with Avocado.

It is exactly as it’s called, a creamy moisturizer for the eyes. Avocado oil is the most moisturizing of any fruit oil and a natural source of amino acid proteins, vitamin A, D and E, and potassium, with additional Beta-carotene (used in vitamin A production, gives an orange tint to skin care products) and Shea butter (protects skin from dehydration, restores skin’s suppleness).

I have been relying on facial oils for whole face moisturization, including the eyes, so eye creams have not been an essential step in the routine, but this is a good one if you need targetted treatment for the eye area alone.

The jar I received was 15ml, while the 2 sizes available on the site is 14gg for $36 or 28g for $58.

The only product for the body, but a favorite one of mine – the popular Creme de Corps.

I get the hype now, it is rich and hydrating but non-greasy, leaving the skin moisturized and smooth for hours and hours!

The main ingredients: Beta-carotene (explained above), Cocoa butter (softens skin), Sesame oil (absorbs easily, softens skin) and Squalane (a botanical lipid that helps restore skin’s natural moisture balance) might have something to do with it. I am loving the formula.

The size I got was 2.5oz/ 75ml, $13 but Creme de Corps is also available in 4.2oz/ 150ml $24, 8.4oz/ 250ml $38, 16.9oz/ 500ml $65 and even 33.8oz/ 1 liter for $89.

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