Korean jewelry haul

I’m so on vacation in the last few days, i.e. I was eating well, playing around not doing much. I haven’t been this relaxed for a long time. At the same time, I feel bad just sitting around.

Tonight before dinner, sis and I heard about a store (called Zaa Accessories) that had 50% off 3-day deal, so we headed out to check it out. I wasn’t planning getting any more earrings, but found some cute pairs and didn’t want to pass them up.

The store was really busy. After some hussling around, we brought home these babies.

They were all supposed to be from Korea, priced between CAD4 and CAD7 before discount. I believe I picked out all the cute pairs in store, lol.

My favorites are the black flower pair in the middle (glossy black flower pattern, with 2 rhinestoned circles and sticks on top) and the lamp pair on the far right (really reminded me of Aladdin). The necklace is a cute piece as well, could be wear long or double stranded for a neater look.

Check out this second picture for close up on the earrings.

It was funny I just complained that I found stuff not as cheap as they were before and didn’t plan to buy much. It’s compulsive buys that get me, lol.

After converting the price to CAD, I didn’t feel too bad about this haul. Sis wanted the lamps, and the circles (first row, far left), mom liked the black flowers, and I could them all. I guess we would just share them among us.

Have you been getting anything fun lately?

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