Mario Badescu free samples

A few months back, I heard about Mario Badescu and their acne treatment products. I just happily got off Accutane at the time and wanted something to help with the scars. I was very excited to learn about their free sample offer.

Basically, you fill in the Tell Us about Yourself questionnaire, and depending on your answers, they will follow up with you to discuss a regimen, then offer to send some samples of the suggested products for you to try for free. How cool was that?

So I got a package like a week or two after, with a personallized letter listing the 11 products they suggested for my skin condition, and instruction of how and when to use them.

You can click the picture for larger view, just to have an idea. I was impressed for the amount of details they put into this, especially when it was a free offer.

There was also a product guide with summary of usage of each and every product they carry and retail prices which I found very helpful.

There were a few suggested products whose samples weren’t available, so I got 8 samples in the package. They were of decent size for samples, enough to test out the effects.

From L-R, top to bottom:
– Enzyme Cleansing gel: use on wet skin in the morning and evening
– 2 Seaweed Night cream (one of them was supposed to be a Seaweed Cleansing lotion sample – works as a toner)
– Ceramide Herbal Eye cream: morning
– Aloe Moisturizer SPF15: face and neck
– Herbal Hydrating serum: over moisturizer for extra hydration or use alone as a moisturizer
– Flower & Tonic mask: 2-3 times a week for 20 minutes, and
– Healing cream: use on acne affected areas that are red and irritated (day or night before moisturizer)

My dermatologist suggested me to leave the skin a break period before starting to use some treatment products, so I haven’t tested these samples long enough to do a proper review on them. Recently, xsparkage raved about the products she tried on her acne (see the video below), so I thought I should post about this offer, so some of you might take advantage of it and see whether the products could help you out.

The sad news: I am breaking out on this vacation, it happens every time. I don’t know whether it’s the heat, or just my hormone acting up. I was so hopeful I could forget about acne treatment to concentrate in scar treatment. Hope it’s just temporary 🙂 If you are interested in any of the products I got above, let me know and I’ll post up a review for you.

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