LA Colors/ LA Girl new products

LA Colors and LA Girl are brands that seem to be overlooked in Canada, just because of their availability. Atlantic Canada is lucky to be able to get the products from Lawtons, and I have some new products to review for you.

This is just a small representation of those new products, see something that has been a bit of a rave on blogs and YT lately?

I have LA Colors Glossin Go! in Shiny, Grafix eyeliner in Black, moisturizing lip gloss in Tickled Pink and LA Girl Pro Conceal HD concealer in Pure Beige.

Before we get to the review, note that all four products are coming out this week, retail for $2.99 each – my kind of price 🙂 I’m hoping we get the whole line of shades as showed on the brands’ websites.

I like the shape of this LA Colors Glossin Go! tube, thin and flat, easy to slip in your pocket (or purse).

I don’t normally go for a clear gloss as I want to get some colour on the lips, but in its defense, when you have a colour on your lips that you like, a clear gloss won’t affect it but just add a hint of shine and a light whiff of vanilla scent 🙂 Sorry for those who are scent sensitive.

The gloss is not sticky nor drying, but as you know with most glosses, it does not last long on the lips.

0.19oz/ 5.5ml, 24 colours.

Another gloss from LA Colors is the moisturizing lip gloss, featuring the shade in Tickled Pink here. The formula has vitamin E and aloe vera, I’m all for soft and smooth lips.

The pointy handle is quite long, I’m not sure if there is a logical reason for it lol. What surprised me, however, was the colour. The plastic tube was a lit more opaque that it needed too, so it showed me the colour a little darker and the shimmers were not very visible. Upon swatching, I was floored at how beautiful Ticked Pink is.

 0.34oz/ 10ml, more than 20 shades available

Swatches of the glosses.

Shiny is on the left, no shimmer but is very shiny 🙂 Tickled Pink is on the right, looking all pretty. Apologize if I sound cheesy, but I love a surprise (in a tube) lol.

So, for travel convenience, Glossin Go! gets my vote. If they have testers on the display, I’d make sure I swatch them all to find a coloured favorite.

For comfort (and who knows, maybe more colour surprises), I’d reach for the moisturizing glosses. Still need some getting used to toward the tube shape.

And now the famous one among them all, LA Girl Pro Conceal HD concealer, I got Pure Beige.

This concealer is awesome, you guys! It gives almost full coverage, is creamy but not heavy nor cakey. I’m not picky with my concealers, so I use the same concealer for dark circles, old acne scars and things. It works all well and good, I’ll post the FOTD tomorrow, as proof.

The product has pretty good lasting power as well, minimal fading. The squeeze tube and the brush applicator work well for a concealer type of product. Can’t say I have anything to complain about it, except maybe the tube somehow shows the colour a little darker (like the gloss above).

0.25oz/ 8g, 18 shades..

Entering the “shy” area of my makeup routine – the liquid liner 🙂

This is LA Colors Grafix liquid liner in Black. It is supposed to be smudge proof, water resistant with a flexible foam tip applicator. I can testify the non existence of smudges or fading on my lash line through a whole day of wear. I didn’t even set it, just swiped and went, and it was still on my eyes when I came home.

0.12oz/ 3.5ml, 10 shades. I am after the Teal colour next.

Swatches of the concealer and the liner (thick line using the side of the brush and thin line using the tip of the brush).

See, Pure Beige is lighter than in the tube, definitely for yellow toned ladies among us. The flash lightened the black colour, but trust me it is black – not the most intense black but is black enough.

All in all, if you don’t need any more liners or glosses, at least check out the concealer. All products featured are sealed with plastic wraps or stickers, another bonus point besides the reasonable price point.

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