Lady Gaga ‘Sighting’ At Moncton Airport Proven To Be A Hoax

Lady Gaga

There were more than a few double-takes at the Moncton Airport yesterday as a scantily clad woman bearing a striking resemblance to Mother Monster herself was spotted leaving the arrivals section, luggage in tow. 

The Coast posted a link to a YouTube video capturing a fish-net clad 'Gaga' being ushered out of the airport with two beefy body-guards. Amateur videographer footage followed her car all the way to Magnetic Hill. This sparked a flurry of rumours about a concert in the works. 

However, the Times & Transcript is now reporting that it was all an elaborately staged hoax. The YouTube videos were all part of a promotion for a local charity event by Moncton retailers La Mine d'Or and Boutique 31 who wanted to "associate the giving of Christmas with the world's biggest star", stating in the article that Gaga   "exemplifies the theme of charity." 

Well, all we can say is: PUNKED! 

Read the full articles and watch the videos here:

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