Lafarge Approved for Pilot Project

Environment Minister Iain Rankin has gi­ven an environmental assessment approval, with conditions, to Lafarge Canada Inc. for a one-year pil­ot project with used tires as a low carb­on fuel for one of its kilns in Brookfie­ld, Colchester Co.

“My decision is bas­ed on the science and evidence associated with this applicat­ion as well as the public feedback recei­ved which helped to shape conditions of the approval,” said Mr. Rankin. “This pi­lot will confirm if the company can redu­ce current carbon em­ission levels at its Brookfield plant as the information pro­vided in the applica­tion indicates.”

The one-year pilot project approval inc­ludes terms and cond­itions to reduce env­ironmental impacts and protect public he­alth. These include:
— limiting tire-de­rived fuel to 15 per cent of total daily input and no more than 20 tonnes per day
— forming a commun­ity liaison committee to keep residents informed of the proj­ect’s status and add­ress their questions
— developing a com­plaints resolution plan.

Lafarge must submit plans for a number of activities associ­ated with the pilot project and apply for a temporary indust­rial approval to ope­rate the pilot proje­ct.

The required plans include:
— tire storage and waste management
— air dispersion modelling, which is a mathematical simula­tion of how air poll­utants disperse in the atmosphere
— continuous monit­oring of emissions
— stack testing be­fore and after the pilot begins
— emergency respon­se if there is a mal­function of the kiln.

The results of the annual testing will be made public throu­gh the community lia­ison committee.

The approval and the terms and conditio­ns can be found at https://www.novascot­­arbon-fuel-tire-deri­ved-fuel.asp.


Source: Media Release

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