Landbis Smolder Pencil Eyeliner review

This is another review supported by KKcenterHK. I feel like I indulge myself in Asian makeup whenever I visit their site.

The product this time is Landbis Light Pink Smolder Pencil Eyeliner in Thicken Black. If you can’t guess by now why I picked it to review, it has awesome gradient colours on the packaging – fading slowly from black to light pink. It is light weight, and the plastic sleeve it comes with is also in pink and black. Cute!

The eyeliner is supposed to be soft and creamy with rich color deposit, goes on fluidly and lasts all day without any flaking, smudging, smearing or streaking.
After getting pass the packaging, I like what I see inside. An automatic liner with black enough pigmentation. I’m not good with liquid liners, so I prefer pencil liners all the way.

Upon swatching, however, I see that it is more of a brownish black than a pure black. On the right is one swipe, on the left is built-up swatches to see how intense it could get. It did get darker, I would only use this liner as base to pop eyeshadows on the lid or when I need a more subtle look on the lash lines.
Once it sets on my hand, it does not survive the smudge test. It comes off a little easier than I want it too when I rubs. I don’t think it is waterproof either.
All in all, I think the packaging format is ideal for travelling, and I only use the liner to touch up during the day, or as a base like I said above.

A quick EOTD to show you how I wear the liner – only on the lower lash line, smudged out a little for a softer look.
I wore this for about 5 hours that day, and the liner still stayed, didn’t smudge or fade. Mind you that I managed not to touch/ rub my eyes which I normally don’t when I have eye makeup on. If you do, or cry while you have the liner on, I can’t guarantee it lasts.

The liner is 5g, sells for USD12.63 on the site, which I think a little pricy. So if you fancy a super cute automatic liner to tote around, it might be the answer. If you look for an intensely dark and waterproof liner, this is not it.


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