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Last day of November

Last day of November

Last day of November
A gloomy grey and dark day it is too. This picture was not taken today but I really like it and figured might as well post it:)
I’m REALLY excited for tonight. Decided to go to the Prince concert in town this evening. WhenI first heard he was coming I was chuffed and then sort of lost steam until yesterday when people were talking about it and then…. it was game over when I hit Youtube last night and started watching music videos of his. Great dancing songs and lots of great memories! I Luckily we picked up some secondhand tickets at a discount! We are on the floor.
I’m also REALLY discouraged because I just got a call from the car dealer and the exhaust pipe part I was hoping to have installed on my car tomorrow, so it can clear safety inspection, is back- ordered and they cannot find ANY and don’t know when one might be coming in! This sucks because the “rejected but can drive” sticker on my car is only good until tomorrow and after that I should not be driving my car. The wait is indefinite:( I need my car:( My arms are tied because they don’t have a part! I drive a 2008 Saturn Astra which I adore. Feeling very frustrated about this and not sure what to do. It is not rejected because of a safety issue but an environmental one:.

Oh well, I will dance out my frustration this evening!

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