Late night apps at Il Mercato

Last Friday, some friends and I ended up at Il Mercato on Spring Glate-night arden Road for some muchies. We had all been out at various Christmas parties and events, and were planning to meet up later for a couple drinks to kick-off the Christmas season.

After tossing around a couple ideas on the freezing cold street, we realized that we were right in front of Il Mercato, which would well serve our jonze for a good bottle of red. I’ve eaten at Il Mercato a couple of times and have quite enjoyed myself, but this time was definetly the best., Perhaps it was the wine…perhaps it was the spontaneous decidion to meet up in a bustling restaurant full of chatter as opposed to a
Since –oddly enough-I hadn’t been thinking about food, I was having a bit of difficulty making a decision. Normally, I check out all the options online before going to a resto. so I went entirely on our server’s reccommendation and went with the mussles.

One of my friends ordered the risotto croquettes, a richm meaty , yet meatless
Mussels sautéed with white wine, tomato, onion, garlic and basil

Risotto croquettes with wild mushrooms and prosciutto
served with tomato basil sauce

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