Learn the dance…..

All we get is just one chance
Time is short so learn the dance 
Don’t look back you’ll see what’s gone
Life doesn’t care if you’re right or wrong  
Running out of days to learn who’s won. -S.Duffett

These pictures are all taken in the upper meadow at Mount Saint Vincent University. Once upon a time there was a Nunnery here. It is a beautiful place with an unusual energy.
Now it has all gone back to nature.
I walk here frequently…
In all kinds of weather… times of day…
Different seasons…
New flowers appearing

pushed out by others …..
Ha, that`s life for ya
Hidden treasures…
Soft space…..
Open space..
Sheltered space…

Moody space…

A sanctuary  in the heart of the city…

All we get is just one chance
Life is short so learn the dance
Travelin highways of life too fast
Make your decisions and hope for the best
Reaching for dreams, leaving the rest.
Rolling your dice in an urn full of ash. -S.Duffett

Le gouvernement annonce des emplois dété pour les étudiants

Oxford Street/Chebucto Road Intersection – Flashing Traffic Signals