Lemming TBS!

I like to read about new products or upcoming releases. But knowing usually leads to lemming, and wanting, and buying, etc. lol… And it sucks when I find out the items I want won’t be coming to any store near me. My lastest lemming is with The Body Shop.

The new Autumn Trend Look collection released by The Body Shop UK and The Body Shop Japan got my attention, as anything “baked” would.

The Blush Trios: £12.50 a pop (about US$20) – quite steep of a price tag, but I have to admit the products are very tempting due to their resemblance to MAC MSFs. Warm Sunset is on the left, totally my kind of colour. Cool Dusk is on the right, probably show up very pretty on cool toned ladies. Not much saving in terms of cost, as MAC MSFs are $27 a piece. There’s a BOGO 1/2 promotion in the UK for The Body Shop makeup, but I’d doubt they would offer the same deal anywhere else.

The Eye Trios: Can be used wet or dry (reminds me of baked eyeshadows), sold at £9.50 each. Only 2 shades: Sundown Glow is quite warm and earthy with 2 shades of brown and a highlighter. Moonlight Lustre has blue/purple tone which I’m not sure I can rock.

I find myself longing for more shadow shades. Unlike the blushes, these shadows don’t really speak to me much. I understand it’s the fall collection (not summer), but they could have somehow illustrate the yellow shades of leaves, cool blue sky, etc.

The Body Shop Australia has this exclusive LE Sun Lustre Bronzer for AU$35.95 (about US$30). There’s only 1 shade: Bronze Gleam. Look how cute it is with the flowery pattern on the surface.

I know, I still rant about the price range (unless the stuff goes on crazy sale like 3 for $15 like last time), and the shade availability at The Body Shop. With a pretty product like this, why can’t they add more shades?

Another rant: Product lines and releases are not the same geographically. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get the same stuff no matter where you live? 🙂

I don’t know for sure whether any of these products will make it over here in the future. Last time I was in the store, the staff gave me some lip product samples “to test out before the new release”. So I would assume Canada will be getting some lipsticks. Only time will tell!

Hope you are enjoying the weekend so far!

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