Goodbye Jane!

This is a quite late alert, but I just found out today: Jane is pulling out from Superstore! And that means there is a huge clearance sale on whatever left on the shelf.

I visit the cosmetics section at Superstore every week when we’re there for groceries, except the last 2 weeks, as the bf is away. And Jane picked this exact time to go on sale. Imagine my disappointment when I saw the almost-empty shelf. I love Jane’s shadow palettes and bronzers!!!

So, this is my consolation purchase:
Be Pure Mineral lip balms in Pink Quartz, Pink Garnet, Rose Quartz, Deep Amber (tinted), and Eucalyptus (clear).
Blushing Cheeks blushes in Blushing Earth Sheer and Blushing Petal
Endless Eyes liquid eye liners in Midnight and Chianti.
These items are CAD1.50 (more or less) each, around 75% off.

The 2 Revlon nail polishes in Midnight Affair (deep navy, darker than how it looks in the picture) and Plum Attraction (deep purple) are just to ease the pain of Jane loss 🙁 They were on for CAD2.44 each (half price). The only other place that I saw Jane is Zellers. Just wonder whether she’s gonna pull out from there too.

On a happier note: Annabelle Custom Quads has arrived at Superstore and Walmart, with the 12 regular shades (no LE shades). No indication of the free palette promo with purchase of 4 shadows like what Shoppers offers, but better coverage of the brand at different stores means they do some work in marketing and PR. Let’s hope!

On a not very happy note: It was cold this morning – 11 degrees. It has been a lot cooler after Bill left the area, it seemed like he took the summer with him too. And Danny is expected to land some time this weekend. 2 hurricanes in 1 week, that’s gotta be a record.

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