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Let There Be ‘Ogurt

Opening a yogurt

“I want a treat! I want a snack!”

Oh, the soundtrack of toddlerhood. I swear there are days when I want to yell “BUT YOU JUST ATE!” or “TREATS ARE NOT GOOD FOR YOU!” or “IT IS ALMOST DINNER TIME!”. Trying to raise a healthy child can sometimes feel like an impossible task when they are fighting you every step of the way.

I am constantly trying to keep my house stocked with healthy snacks that Cameron will actually eat. I can’t tell you how often he picks out something that I agree with in the grocery store only to have him refuse to eat it at home while begging for more junk. I am still learning what I need to buy at the store to keep everyone both happy and healthy throughout the week.

There is one snack that is always on my grocery list. And now that I have a second child eating (and loving) it, I daresay we’ll be buying it on the double.


I don’t know what it is about yogurt, but my kids love it. Both of them. It tastes great to them. And as a Mom, I love it too. My kids think it is a treat and I know it is good for their bodies. There are very few foods that serve both purposes in this family. In fact, I fully admit to sometimes letting Cameron grab a yogurt from the fridge if he is absolutely refusing to eat the dinner I made. Sometimes all I need to know as a parent is that my child is getting some good nutrients into his body.

Let There Be ‘Ogurt

Cameron’s top choice of yogurt is Danino by Danone. For him, it is a delicious snack bursting with taste that comes in a variety of flavours. For me, it is a naturally nutritious food made with real fruit purée and no artificial colours. A single serving contains DHA to help their growing brains, is a source of Calcium, a source of Vitamin D, and provides 3g of protein when eaten as part of a balanced diet. But Cameron doesn’t know any of that stuff. He just knows that he wants “Berry-Banilla Ogurt” for breakfast please!

Gavin has just recently started to enjoy eating yogurt too. He had a major aversion to spoons for a while, but last week when we were all sick, yogurt seemed to be just the thing that his little tummy craved. In fact, did you know that yogurt can start being introduced to babies as young as six months? The active bacteria cultures in yogurt help break down the lactose making it easier to digest. This is why babies can have yogurt before 12 months, but not cow’s milk. This is also why I prefer to get my calcium in yogurt form and not from milk.

Let There Be ‘Ogurt

Does your family like yogurt? What other foods are win-win for you and your kids?

This post is the second in my two-part collaborative series with Danone Danino yogurt and Treehouse TV. Did you see the first post? If not, you should definitely go read it. I write about the process of being in a television commercial! What? Did you also miss that announcement? Yup! Cameron and I are officially TV stars. You can catch our commercials on Treehouse TV in Canada, or find all four of them on TreehouseTV.com. While you’re there, why not check out the Dino and the World of Learning games for your kids? Plus, find a $1 off coupon for any Danino product. Now that is what I call a win-win-win!

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