Target Canada Has Finally Arrived

Target Canada Has Finally Arrived


Target Canada has arrived in Canada and they have been doing several soft launches of the new stores but the real Grand Opening with celebrities and all was last night at the Danforth Store.

Let’s just say this Target Canada has done road tours, and many events leading up to the launch and I had seen a few via their Twitter and Facebook feeds but to get an invite to the launch was more then a nice treat. I took my 15 year old daughter along for her first Target experience.

I thought that was only fitting as the very first outfit my daughter ever wore in her life was from Target( We lived in New Mexico, and I loved the Ruidoso store) only fitting she was there as the brand was brand new in Canada.

Target definitely knew how to throw a launch with celebrities and all. Who can say they shopped the same aisles as Elisha Cuthbert, Sarah Jessica Parker and Blake Lively. Me. I think Blake adored the Nate Berkus line. She spent a bit of time in Housewares.

There were so many food stations and bars all throughout the store and the cake pop bar and candy bar scored big with my daughter as did the man making smoothies by riding a bike. My daughter after shopping for her new Easter outfit spent much of night dancing. With Just Dance set up she was guaranteed to have fun.

Target Canada Has Finally Arrived

My teen loved Just Dance at the Target Launch


We also loved getting our pictures taken with Bullseye the mascot of Target and boy is that dog ever well behaved and trained. Our pictures are already on the fridge.

Target Canada Has Finally Arrived

Us with Bullseye

So after 3 hours of shopping and fun what did we come home with? 5 bags full of new things for my teen and my house. My only disappointing moment was that I could not shop for me, as Target Canada decided not to bring the full plus line north of the border. I was actually very jealous of my teen who tried on cute item after cute item. If you are a plus woman you won’t be shopping at Target in Canada for yourself anytime soon unless you wear a XXL ( a size 18) or smaller. Guess I will have to save my money for my next road trip south of the border. Wishing shipped to Canada.




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