Light dinner at The Wooden Monkey

A couple weeks ago, I went to The Wooden Monkey for my friend’s birthday. I’m a big fan of small plates because it allows me to try more stuff. So as my friends were going for entrees, I opted for the Japanese Dumplings. Once I heard the soup of the day, I was sold on that as well! Soup is my comfort food, and when it’s a hearty, earthy-flavoured soup, I just can’t pass it up!
The soup was a blend of tomato, fennel and Parmesan cheese, pureed just to a medium thickness that ate almost like a chili. Warm, rich and with a slight bite from the licorice-flavoured anise, it was the perfect choice to fill my belly without being too heavy.
Tomato, Fennel & Parmesan Soup

Japanese Dumplings
Marinated tofu, vegetables and roasted seeds, wrapped, pan seared, oven finished,
with a hot chili sauce and garnish salad
With a crispy outer shell, the dumplings provided plenty of crunch and the dipping sauce was slightly smokey with a tangy finish. Though they were stuffed with a mix of veg and tofu, a little more filling would have given them more substance. The garnish salad on the side was a nice addition to the plate as it provided a fresh element to the dish.

Katimavik clean-up on Herring Cove Road

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