An Easter Feast w/ the Fam

Yes, I know- this one’s a little late, but I’ve been busy! This post will lead into the incredible Easter dinner that my fam and I had this past April. More amazing than the dinner though, was the fact that said meal was consumed at MY apartment. If you’ve seen my apartment, you might be likely to channel the villain said in one of my favorite childhood films, The Princess Bride: “Inconceivable!”
But it was, in fact, conceivable. Now, the reason that this is such a big deal for me is the fact that every holiday dinner; Easter and Thanksgiving (I’m usually home in NL for Christmas) is held at my Aunt’s house in Dartmouth. She, like most people, has more than 4 plates, forks, knives…chairs, ect, while I don’t even have a matching place setting! Nor have I ever even thought of making an effort to cook anything in a roasting pan in my teensy apartment-style oven, let alone a ham for 6 plus the trimmings!
But that was what made this meal so special. We were squeezed around my table, used the sofa for seating, and I even managed to get a spot at the table that would let me swivel in my chair to reach into the fridge! I finally got my family to come to me, and all it took was the promise that I would cook everything – which in my world = playtime!
Bone-in ham, glazed with grainy horseradish-dijon mustard and maple syrup. The bone and stock is still awaiting it’s fate in my freezer; either a red lentil or green pea soup I think!

Just blanched asparagus cooling off in an ice water bath to maintain their vibrant colour.
I made a cheese an asparagus tart by mashing up two recipes; one from Jaime Oliver, and the other from Martha Stewart. I had a brain freeze and got phyllo instead of puff pastry by accident, but it lead to a lighter, crisper crust which we really enjoyed. To add a bit more chewiness to the creamy Gruyere, I added Mozzarella as well. These two cheese paired well together as they both have a similar texture. I’d love to try a tart like this with tomato and goat cheese as well!
Some assembly required…
Just out of the oven…
Best Leftover Ever!

Boiled red potatoes, tossed with melted butter, S&P, lemon zest and fresh dill
For dessert, I made these Lemon Custard Cakes from Martha Stewart’s website. I don’t know what it is about lemon, maybe it’s their bright skins like baby yellow chick fluff, or elegant daffodils, but when I think of spring cooking – desserts especially- I automatically think lemon!
I wasn’t a huge fan of these cakes. They were fairly simple to make, but to me, the end result didn’t really justify the means. I added a few fresh strawberries to top them off, though I would have preferred raspberries here.

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