Mother’s Day Brunch

What is more traditional on Mother’s Day, but to take your momma out for brunch? well, you can do just that this year, or you can make it a dinner out at her favorite restaurant. On the other hand, Mom might also appreciate breakfast in bed, knowing that you made an effort to take on the kitchen!

Whatever you choose to do tomorrow, check out some of these’s special Mother’s Day menus from restaurants in Halifax, as well as my favorite web-sites for great Mother’s Day recipes!

Here’s wishing Happy Mother’s Day to all the hard-workin’, fun-lovin’,
shoulder-to-cry-on mommas out there.

And to one certain momma in particular: I wish I could be there to
make you bfast in bed! Long distance xo’s!!

Boarders were catching some big air during a fundraiser for the Bedford Skatepark Action Team (B.SPAT) at the Lebrun Centre on Friday night.

Big air in Bedford

The Lighter Side of Motherhood