Limited Edition Christmas Cards!

Happy December 1st! The holi-days are hunting us down, and will be upon us shortly.

THUS, I am offering up a free gift to the dedicated members of the GlenJMpire! One actual GlenJM-personalized Christmas card designed by myself and created painstakingly by the employees of Staples Print Centre and sent to your mail box! ACTUAL MAIL in your ACTUAL MAIL BOX!

Here’s a very tiny sample to give you an idea of the amount of yuletide cheer I’ll be spreading with these things…

Be warned however, the card features an awesome amount of partial nudity. Selling point concluded.

So, if you wish to receive an awesome Christmas card for free, all you have to do is (1) send me your mailing address, either on Facebook, email, or in the comments section, and (2) sit back, relax, and wait for Glen Matthews to save Christmas!

And for those of you who are thinking “Geez Glen, you sure haven’t been doing much lately”, well f*** you! Get off my back! I’m shooting a movie (titled BLUSH RESPONSE) this week that stars myself alongside Picnicface alumni Cheryl Hann. The short flick is a NSCAD thesis film written & directed by Ian Burns. More to come on that later this week!

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