Sucker Punch

Last night, around 6:00pm, I was walking south down Agricola St. when a man stepped out, said “Excuse me…”, and then punched me in the face.

What a bastard.

I really don’t feel like explaining this story over & over again for the duration of this black eye, so I was hoping this post would prevent such a thing from happening.

This was a pretty terrible experience, no doubt; but it has also put some things into perspective for me, I have a lot to be thankful for: my lovely girlfriend, my family, my bunny, my friends, my involvement in acting. So screw it. Screw being angry. I’ve taken comfort in the fact that the man who hit me probably just has Daddy issues (which are always hilarious), and leads a much unhappier life than me.

This was probably the weirdest way possible to be filled with the holiday spirit.

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