linda’s lesson

I had a wake up call last week and it has stayed with me these last ten days…….

During a fitness class on a Wednesday morning, a charming woman whom I’d just said hello to for the first time, sat down suddenly, looking pale and a bit distressed. Her friends gathered round and put her in the recovery position. She was nauseated and had pain in her head. Soon paramedics arrived and she was taken to the hospital……… she died. It was a brain anyurism.

I can’t stop thinking that I witnessed her last good half hour on this earth. That morning when she got up she donned a cheery red t-shirt. She might have had dishes in the sink ready to finish when she got home, maybe she had to get ready for work, all plans that did not matter any more. We just don’t know do we……… be grateful for every minute you have.

My dad was a physician and he used to say that life was really like a roulette wheel, you never know where the ball will land. People who look after themselves can go suddenly and those that abuse can live long lives. Live your life in moderation, do the best you can, and if you really want that cupcake, go for it.

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