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Lise Watier Hydraforce & Detect App Review + Event Info

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A hydrating skincare line that comes with its own technology? Now this is something I gotta try.

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Lise Watier just launched a new moisturizing line {Hydraforce} that helps restore hydration while also protecting skin from environmental factors (and after winter in Canada I mean who doesn’t need that?). What’s even more interesting is that they also developed an app that you can use to detect the current hydration level of your skin, so you can really tell in live time whether it’s working

The two winged sensor (seen above) gently presses up against your skin, and connects to your smartphone through your headphone port to give you a hydration reading. I meannnnn SO COOL right? The app is super easy to download, and very user friendly you simply click on the spot you want to test (cheek, t-zone, hand), and while pressed up against the area it‘ll tell you while it‘s testing (so you don‘t pull away), and then again when the results are ready. It’s pretty instant, and majorly cool for a skincare line.

Before applying the product I tested the skin on my hand, t-zone, and cheeks, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my face was in a “normal” range whereas my hands were a mere 5%! Eep! I guess I’ve been neglecting them recently. Needless to say I’ve been slathering on the cream ever since, and I’m happy to report that my results improved when I tested the second time. I decided to let the product sit in my skin a little while to allow it to absorb, and it definitely worked my reading was much better after the application of the cream (especially on my hand).  

What I love about the inclusion of this app is that it’s instant knowledge, and knowledge is power my friends. Sometimes you think you’re doing a great job, but turns out maybe the products you’re using just aren’t great, and with the amount of caffeine we consume we can always benefit from knowing where we are at with out skin.

Sooooo about the product! It’s super soft and light weight. I love the gel cream and the way it feels on my skin. I can’t deal with heavy creams because it ends up with a one way ticket to breakout city, but the Hydraforce nourishes without the bulk, and I love that.

The Hydraforce product is made with seaweed from Gaspé, and has been tested up against some of the harshest conditions, so you can have confidence that it works. Gaspé algae, is a seaweed found along the cold north­eastern part of the Atlantic coast, developed a highly efficient system in order to survive in such extreme conditions. If harvested during the fall, it contains a higher active molecule concentration than at any other time of the year.

To learn more about these products be sure to head over to the Lise Watier website, orrrrrrr pop by the Shoppers event this Saturday. Not local? This event will also be taking place in other locations across Canada. To find a location near you, more details can be found on the HydraForce site.

DATE: April 16th, 2016
TIME: 12-5 pm
PLACE:  Shoppers Drug Mart Mic Mac Mall

Be sure to stop by this Saturday from 12-5 at Shoppers Drug Mart I’ll be hanging out for the afternoon trying out the new samples, and who knows I might even #getinthebubble. If you’re out and about at the mall be sure to stop by!

Hope to see you there! 


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