Lit Cosmetics review

Third day of rain today, but I’m not going to complain, as some of my blogger friends down south had it worst. Glad they are safe.

To brighten the mood, I have some pretty things to post today. A Canadian company LIT Cosmetics with their fun little kits of glitters contacted me a while back. You can guess how excited I was.

The package came with a Multi Stack kit, a mesh bag filled with goodies, instruction and stickers, and a Mini Me kit to giveaway to you guys. Presentation gets an A in my book.

Lit just revamped their website, so I hopped online to check it out. I like how bright and shiny the site is, but they added something that I didn’t like: the music player at the top of the page – similar to the player embedded on blogs that we all complain about.

With that said, let’s move on to the products themselves.

What come in the kits:
– Clearly Liquid Glitter base (30ml) – a water based liquid to bond the glitters, no alcohol, parabens, propylene glycol
– 3-stack Glitter tower that comes with 2 extra lids if I want to carry the 3 shades separately
– Sparkle Duster – a mesh ball to pick up fall-outs
– Round brush and liner brush, with glittery silver handles 🙂

I like the concept of a kit, with everything you need to create a glittery look. The brushes are convenient too.

Here are the glitters in the stack, from L-R:
Twisted Sistah: purple
Pretty in Pink: magenta pink, and
Beach Baby: gold.

These are size 2 glitters in Lit’s listing system(small cut, .004 x .004) in solid form (pure glitter colours). I’d say they are perfect for making glittery liners or adding a little bling to the inner corner with certain eye makeup looks.

There are size 1 (micro cut), 3 (medium cut) and 4 (large cut) as well as Shimmer (iridescent sparkles with a touch of colour), Metallic (matte shine with solid colour) and Electric form (shocking colour with a hint of sparkles, glows under black light) to serve all glitter purposes 🙂

The application guide suggests:
– dip the brush in the Clearly Liquid Glitter base, remove excess liquid
– dip the brush into glitter on an angle so that it is covered on one side
– paint starting at the tip of the brush using short fast stroke and redip if needed.

Swatches of the glitters using the liner brush (on the left) and the round brush (on the right). If you are an expert on liquid liners, you would manage these brushes just fine. Me, I need practice 🙂

My favorite is Twisted Sistah as a liner on the upper lids. Haven’t had any night out events to go to lately, so I haven’t tried the glitters on the lids. The base kept the glitters in place for the purpose of the look but will fall off if being rubbed, at least the top layer.

It might take about a minute or so for the glitter to set/ dry, so Lit suggests to use a blow dryer to speed it up. My skin feels a little tight underneath the glitter when it dries, but it goes away quickly. Lit said that’s normal.

Here are close-ups on the brush heads. Love the glittery handles and the fine tips. The brushes retails CAD15.95 and CAD16.95.

The glitter base which I think is the most important item in the kit is CAD22.95, and the glitters are CAD12.95 each. The whole kit is CAD68.95, which isn’t cheap, to be honest. The good news is Lit is exhibiting at IMATS this year (LA, Vancouver and Toronto), so if you have a chance, check out their booth and the pretty glitters. I’m hoping for a show special/ discount 🙂

Here’s a look I tried using the glitter as an eyeliner. Sorry they aren’t the best quality, hope you get the idea 🙂 I paired it with a purple pencil liner on the lower lash line.

Besides the obvious use as glittery liners, the glitters could certainly be used on top of eyeshadows or lip glosses, even on the tips of your lashes, on top of a mascara.

Hope the review is fun to read. Stay tuned for the giveaway of the Mini Me kit next week 🙂


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