NOTD: Del Sol Island Fever

It has been rainy 2 days in a row now 🙁 I guess we couldn’t have too much sunshine. It wouldn’t be Halifax without the rain and fog, right?

On the occassion of Del Sol nail polish being 50% off at Lawtons (has been for a few weeks actually, I’m wondering if they are clearing it out), I’m posting this NOTD up as soon as I could. Hope it’s helpful for those who plan a purchase or swap 🙂

This is Del Sol Island Fever, one of the rare shades that is not pink or red (or would change into pink or red in the sun) from Del Sol, the main reason why I got it. It looks pretty in the bottle, right?

Well, let’s see how it performs.

This is a night shot, i.e. no where near the sun. I didn’t call it a shade shot, because the colour starts changing even in the shade, as long as the sun is shining 🙂

Frost and sheer nightmare! I know some of you might like sheer nail polish, but I’m lazy, so I don’t. This is 4 coats, still with VNL. I do like a colour, a pretty green with strong gold sheen, only if it is not a frost finish. I was very close to mattifying it right after I finished the 4th coat, but didn’t want to jeopardize the colour change. So I waited till the next morning to take another pic.

Much better in the sun, isn’t it? Still sheer, but I adore this shade, wish I could see it on my nails often enough. This was Monday, a beautiful sunny (but a little chilly) day. Then it rained yesterday, and the colour stayed frosty green the whole time of course. So sad, I want the blue back!

Was going to experiment with the matte top coat, but it started to chip last night, so I changed my mani lol. Fail all around huh?

All in all, I would probably wear Island Fever again in the summer when sunshine is of a better chance. Will probably use a base colour to help the sheerness, then try the matte look too. For rainy days, this shade is a no no, so check the weather forecast before painting your nails with it lol.


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