Little Miss Higgins : Lift the Wind house concert

Jolene and Foy jamming out : the Little Miss Higgins show rocks!!!

Jolene and Foy jamming out : the Little Miss Higgins show rocks!!!

Well if you missed the Little Miss Higgins house concert tonight, I would highly suggest you get your arse out to see her at the Carleton Monday night because she’s one awesome performer.  Well it’s a duo…Jolene (aka Little Miss Higgins) and her partner Foy.


I must admit, I don’t have too many blues albums in my collection, maybe a few Memphis Slim and Willie Dixon CDs.  But I know what I like, and I like old school blues.  I mean the corn and potato kind.  And this Little Miss Higgins lady sure does deliver!  She and Foy are mean guitar players, and Foy keeps a strong steady beat on the stomp box.


Jolene’s voice is super sweet and a little sassy, which works just fine as her personality would appear to be much the same.  I gather from her stories that she has some theatre background too which adds a whole other comedic aspect to the show.  I’m not sure but think I might have even blushed at one point, and I’m positive I laughed lots. 



I just could not believe that pretty little belle had all those crazy blues and smoking guitar licks in her.  And she and Foy jam like nobody’s business!  Little Miss Higgins original compositions were seamlessly intertwined throughout the evening amidst songs from blues legends from way back when. 



She’s a big fan of Memphis Minnie and played several of her tunes.  And she played some of the other old school Memphis blues from Lil Green, Bessie Smith, and Big Bill Broonzy.  I think I’m going to have to go back and rediscover the blues, properly this time.   Little Miss Higgins stuff easily stands on it’s own as traditional blues, but listening to her pay homage to the greats sure was nice.


I can’t believe I got to hear this in someone’s living room.  Wow!  The show was a delight from start to finish.  Thanks for the great show and the inspiration.  And I must admit, I thought Foy was purdy handsome, but I didn’t stare too much cuz I sure don’t want to wake up with a slug in my boot  ;)

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