Sleepy Friday

AllyG: This has been a week and a half. It’s seriously flown by. Is it Favorite Friday again? Let’s get to it.

Sadly, prior to pregnancy, my feet had never met a pair of shoes they didn’t like. Now the chubsters needs comfy flats. Until I am back in fighting form, I will talk about shoes endlessly on this blog and then print out the photos and paste them on my bedroom wall.

Tory Burch

Meet Tory Burch’s new bamboo-heel, velvet platform shoes. Anyone’s legs would look like Heidi Klum’s in these babies. This great blog has highlighted some Tory Burch “must haves”. If I had lots of money, I would tend to agree.


These cloud patterned wedges from Stella McCartney would look adorable with jean capris and a white t-shirt. I miss jeans with a crisp white shirt. You know who does jeans and a crisp white shirt bett

er than ANYONE (L-A, this is indeed a challenge) is Jennifer Aniston.



And granted, these are not jeans, but my point remains…


The bitch has fantastic hair, eh? Did you see the above movie? He’s Just Not That into You? I really enjoyed it. Frivolous to be sure, but totally chocolate worthy (you know what I mean…a movie that is good enough to enjoy on a Friday night while wrapped up in a blanket eating M&Ms. Is that just me?).

L-A: I am totally with you on the He’s Just Not That into You. It was total merangue: light, fluffy, airy, and so tasty that you are surprised that you just finished off the whole lemon merangue pie. I thought Ginnifer Goodwin and Justin “I’m a Mac” Long (who should never grow facial hair.ever.)  were so adorable that I wanted them to be a real life couple (also because, and I may be the only woman on the planet brave enough to say this, I do not like Drew Barrymore). Apparently they were, now they aren’t, and I could spend my whole night trying to figure this out, so I’ll leave the celebrity gossip up to you Ally.

But I digress. Ally uttered the word ‘challenge’ and you know what that means. It means that it is on.

Oh, you know you loved that movie too.

I do agree that bitch Jen Aniston not only has some of the best hair in Hollywood, but the girl really does wear a crisp white shirt well.  There are few who can compete with her, but I think I found a contender in Gwyneth Paltrow:


She also has fantastic hair.  And in case you weren’t convinced of Gwynnie’s ability to rock the white shirt outside of a photo shoot, here’s some more evidence:


Like Jen, you want to hate the bitch, but you can’t. I don’t know about you, but I wish they were my BFFs. Jen would call to tell me what a bitch Angie is (and I would agree) and Gwenyth would call to tell me an amusing anecdote about her adorable poppet Apple and the story would involve odd British slang like lorry and jumper and queue.  And one or both of them would offer to let me borrow one of their many crisp white shirts. Because in this fantasy, I can totally fit into their clothes like it’s the Sisterhood of the Travelling White Shirt. Alas, I am not BFF with either one (shocking, I know).  I must be content with Gwyenth’s GOOP newsletters from time to time (as her BFF, I would have advised against the name GOOP for a newsletter) and pretend her wardrobe advice is directed at me only.

But since today’s Favourite Friday has clearly turned into the Ode to a Crisp White Shirt, can we talk about something? And that something is: if the white shirt is so damn iconic and such a staple piece of a girl’s wardrobe, why is it damn near impossible to find a good one? A few years ago, I needed a white shirt. Nothing fancy, just a white shirt that fit well.  I hunted high and low in the city of Halifax. I evenutally did find one at Esprit, but it was seriously challenging.

I will say that I enjoyed Gap’s attempt to bring good design + the white shirt to us masses:


The idea of Gap pairing up with the likes of Thakoon and Philip Lim was a good move, but their creations still left me without a shirt. The ones I did like were not constructed to fit anyone well. And one happened to be a dress, not a shirt (what up with that designer? did someoneo forget to cc him on the memo?). Actually, do you know what that photo looks like? Like it is the result of a celebrity version of Project Runway.  Which would actually be kind of fun. Picture it: Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Betsey Johnson and [insert your favourite desinger here] all running around Mood fabrics in NYC with less than $100 to spend on materials and Tim Gun telling them to make it work.  Can someone make that happen?   Because that would really make this Friday the best.

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